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Sail On!

My husband and I recently watched a movie. The main character’s life was highlighted, told through flashbacks of memories from his childhood and into late adulthood. I’ll label the movie a drama, since it was about a youngster choosing to become a head man in the mafia in the 1930-40s. You may be able to imagine some of the adventures, choices within friendships, torment in moments, felt successes…highs and lows, decisions made, and temporary to long term company kept. As I watched, I wondered what were the writer, producer, director, actors, wanting to reveal. Obviously, the script called for clear results from choices made. And both choices and results entangle personal emotions, highs and lows, believed gains and losses. And so, the story goes. I like movies. They can be crafted well.

Each of our lives’ journeys can be like stories too. Each of our lives are unique, as we “write our own scripts” each day. Life can be felt to have comedic to dramatic times, romance, entertainment, success, and struggle. In times of reflection, (present, past, future) we can observe a plethora of emotions, beliefs, fantasies, idealisms, constructive and destructive choices, and more. But where do these come from? Since childhood we’ve learned to believe certain things. It is wise to consider what is appropriate, helpful, productive, what needs to be left behind, and what are better beliefs, and choices. We often forget, we can change what is happening through the choices we make, and how we look at things.

We get choice in each present moment. How we see things and what we choose can make felt-challenges into better understandings for more positivity…Or, in contrast, we can mull in the challenges, felt problems and dislikes, way too long. Point is: We get to make choices each day, for our bodies, minds, and spirit selves. If we make better choices, we can be healthier, and wiser in the present. And an increase in making better choices now, regularly and consistently, can bring a better future also.

If we don’t like where we are, we can take left or right turns at any time. Step onto new paths of experiences. If we want different, we have to choose change, or different will not come. It isn’t always easy to make simple changes, give up one way of life, or parts of it, and create new. Nor is it easy to begin new thinking habits or learn new skills. But sometimes, change can be absolutely needed, it may be exciting, be a relief, and we can happily, or with new hope, do so. We don’t know until we try.

Being open to experience ‘new’, what we don’t know yet—the felt unknown—is in history’s words, not usually easy: It’s easier to stay where we are, with what we know, than to make change. The hardest thing for man to do is change. Better the devil you know…. Well, for many of us, we do want change. We do see moments calling---yelling at us even—to make steps for difference for ourselves. We do hear within our thoughts, greater desires, cleaner slates, more discoveries, better possibilities. We get the winds in our sails when we are motivated or inspired, or feeling desperate desire to change something. We want to move across into new waters. The question is, do we sail within the sometimes felt hard-pressing winds of change, or do we stay frozen in fear/don’t want to change/lower our sails, get tossed around more (usually within our own thoughts and emotions), and stay basically where we are? A really good captain knows how to sail in storms. We are the captains of our ships in life. And change isn’t 100% different, for there are many things we’ll always have with us—primarily, ourselves. When we understand ourselves, and choose goodness—in our minds, with our bodies, within our spirits or higher selves—we can do more than what we realize.

In the books I write, the protagonists are willing and able to change. It takes time for them to realize what needs to change, and how, but they are willing to put in the thought and effort to create better for themselves.

Is there anything you are wanting to change?

Sail on!

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