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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Since childhood--for more than half a century, I have kept books to read around me. Noting this brings a smile. At home, there are usually a dozen books I'm reading pieces of, which may be of inspiration, poetry, natural health, nonfiction and fiction books. On a recent trip west, I read Ruth Reichl's "For You Mom, Finally" and Robert James Waller's "Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend." Both authors are contemporary, heartfelt storytellers to me. For deeper strength exuded in description, I like Alice Walker. In Arizona, I read a friend's "The Reversal" by Michael Connelly. It was relatively clever and entertaining...and of the Lincoln Lawyer novel series. For the suspense or detective type, I tend to enjoy Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown. For heart warmth, I choose Richard Bach's books, Louise Hay, or Robert Holden. For laughter, I recently found Tom Hank's first work in fiction, "Uncommon Type," is very entertaining; I can hear his voice as I read, so that's an extra joy. A friend who is a local theater instructor, said she could hear my voice throughout her reading one of my novellas, "Hope After Heartbreak". She further said she understood the included dreams and dream analysis, and related well, because in her experiences of turmoil, her dreaming interplayed within self-meaning or healing trying to get through. I liked that she understood the underplaying of ideas. I write books that explore emotions, thoughts, experiences...turmoil's challenges and positive possibilities of change and growth in my characters within the four fiction books I've written. Similar to art reflecting nature, I see stories reflecting humanness. And even though they are labeled fiction, I feel the nonfiction within the stories. Probably because I've gone through challenges and pursued meaning and growth, after I thawed from being frozen in fear, doubt, or sadness for a while.

I support our personal growth in understanding ourselves and moving forward into more joy and better choices for our lives.

Here's to putting the pieces together, for more wholeness and pleasure in our journeys!

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