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Let's share about empathy.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

To have empathy, is to understand how someone feels, and/or to have compassion. Usually we feel empathy because we have experienced similarly, or can relate and understand the other’s feelings and thoughts expressed. Empathy can allow people to feel understood, supported, and not alone, even hopeful or loved. By being appropriately empathetic, both the giver and receiver are recipients of a positive health quotient that soothes pain with lovingness.

Each person is a human being/be-ing. Why we think and act similarly or differently is because we are creating our lives, within the mixtures and expressions of our perspectives, choices, personalities, beliefs, experiences, our environments, and opportunities—or not, to name a few. How we respond in our thoughts, words, and actions matters. Being thoughtful, kind, loving, and compassionate increases the health and peace of ourselves and others. If we desire a more loving and peaceful world, having or understanding empathy is important, as well as choosing positively, each day.

Taking care of ourselves is so very important. Positive daily lifestyle choices will keep us stronger and healthier. Examples are: Having self-love and respect for self and others, as well as proper boundaries; consuming nutritious foods and drinks; sound rest and sleep; healthy body movements of exercise, stretching, and posture, as well as periodic times of focused breathing, relaxation, and regular times in nature; add to these, habits of a positive mental attitude and gratitude. Intertwined are times of laughter, happiness, compassion, love. In addition, it takes effort to create harmonious environments at home, work, in our relationships, and with our planet.

How different and empowered our country’s society would be if mainstream discussions were equally shared in expressed time between the standard given information and strategies which support sound decision making. Gained could be respectful, productive interactions and information shared; good lifestyle choices for health, empowerment, love, and success to consider. Society members would have more tools to use to face the challenges and develop good outcomes.

History shows us, lives flow in smooth to difficult times. When we daily take care of ourselves and meet others responsibly, by choosing what is respectfully better or best, we can meet our challenges, add to our health, love others and ourselves well, and even “follow our bliss.”

Take precious care,


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