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From doubt to trust

There have been many times I felt doubt. Over the years (decades), I have learned to create and maintain habits of discerning the challenges, consider good choices to make, and following through. The results have been consistent returns to more harmony and trust, in myself and life. These feel good and natural. Thankfully, in addition to regular thinking, I have a loving inner voice. It is positive and comes in whenever I need.

I believe we all have an inner voice of love and wellbeing. Listening to it is sometimes natural and easy, and sometimes a skill to refine. It may also be a strong sense or feelings, which encourage us to move forward with our personal decision making, and aspirations.

Our inner voice is what I consider our higher selves, or our spirit, or perhaps the Creative Loving Force that keeps all the billions of stars, galaxies and universes in natural order and rhythm.

Find the way you really hear yourself…your deep-felt, strong, pure love voice. Is it when you journal? Is it when you are quiet and alone in nature, or in a special place you go to?

Often, we may also get answers to what we want or need by reading books. I have loved reading for as long as I remember, for enjoyment and learning. I consider what was written as food for thought. These are reasons I’ve written books too.

To me, the journey of our lives is about taking care of ourselves and creating the lives we want. And our inner voices, our proactive habits, and helpful books are some of Life’s gifts to help us.

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