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Ch ch ch changes

I listened to a motivational speaker this morning. She noted how lessons we have learned at different ages change in what they mean to us. How, over time, our understanding can deepen. She recommended reading authors with a long history of writing, even their biographies if available--to see their changes in perspective. I thought about Wayne Dyer first. I heard him note how his books changed over the years. In the earlier years, he wrote from a psychology and human growth perspective, and after writing a number of books (maybe his first seven) he began to notice his writing began to have more notes on spirit and love. These became his focus.

Our perspectives can change; we change. Life is a craft in itself, and a journey. When we examine and think about what we are doing, what we want, and how to get there, we do deepen our intent, awareness, and abilities to create the lives we want. Continued learning seems to be a calling for many of us. I've felt this truth since a young girl...and more than 50 years later, I continue to learn and study with appreciation and delight. The insights and tweakings of meanings and applications do deepen over time within myself, as well as a sensed felt-encouragement and expansion.

Here's a quote I like from one of my favorite books, "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes: "Wild Woman is the health of all women. Without her, women's psychology makes no sense. This wilderwoman is the prototypical matter what culture, no matter what era, no matter what politic, she does not change. Her cycles change, her symbolic representations change, but in essence, 'she' does not change. She is what she is and she is whole." I love this mood of exploration and evolution ---the spirit doesn't change; we/our mind part/educated mind/thinking part align with it/Universal mind/spirit/or pure higher self, by exploring, by questioning, learning; through seeking deeper who we are, more about life, and/or universal truths.

Sometimes this process of finding our truer selves, or more truth in life, feels 'wild', as in untamed, or needing to be unstoppable; perhaps this is to shed us of the old or false beliefs...wild as in getting out of comfort zones, so we can see more clearly.

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