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Intention: Participation


As we enter each day, we have the opportunity to honor life, make decisions to choose our heart’s desire; listen to our nature and life itself; to be fruitful in each task and interaction, small or large.

We have the choice to be focused and present, engaged or in charge. These are nothing to take lightly.

By being alive we have opportunity to participate in a sacred dance, the dance of life’s expression. We may create, expand, learn, achieve, love, share, live more consciously; forgive, be grateful; be light, even sparkle with laughter and genuine love. We have opportunity to become more aware of deeper truths and understanding, in each day.

We are to participate in our healings, ask for greater awareness, and be present to implement steps to our goals.

We can trust life will lead us in mysterious directions at times, bring marvelous synchronicities, to assist us to heal and/or learn; to grow, to become, or to recede. We can take these signs to trust in greater than ourselves, learn what we can do and strive for more. Hold onto some to validate our intentions and journey while in our youth-mode. And sometimes learn to let go, and be more free to fly, and be, trust, and know All is well.

Life is said, felt, noted to be for our expansive awareness back into itself, not blind, but where we can see; not deaf but for us to hear; not numb, yet feel; not in ignorance, but in awareness of what is more true, more divine, more centered to natural laws and wellbeing—body, mind, spirit, existence.

How do we reengage, reunite? By remembering our true selves. Re-Member, re-wire, open the traps and get free, and flow more again. Re-engage our minds and spirits in each moment. The body is a carrier, and a golden one, for it is the temple and life lives within and through it….Participate consciously in the journey. Participate.


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