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Finding inspiration while on vacation

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Island Adventures

Within life, may we each be active, insightful, and pleased in our journeys--whether on vacation or with every-day living. Each day is a new journey, a day we may apply what we have learned to be successful in what we do, and may this include moving in the direction of what we aspire to do. In regular days at home, it is good to be pleased with the creation of love and mindfulness within ourselves and who we interact with, such as with good communication and decision making, healthy meals and activities for our bodies, and an energizing flow of how we keep the house.

Do what you love, love what you do. There is a lot of truth to this saying and practicing it each hour takes consideration. Taking care of our homes and lives can be peaceful and fun, even if at the end of busy days, our bodies' and minds' "charges are used up" like the low registering frequently used computers or cell phones. And what do we do to recharge these? We plug them in, which is what the night's rest and sleep are about for our bodies and minds. However, since lives can become out of alignment, vacations are recommended for extra or extended recharging time. Or "recharging ourselves" time may be regular time spent in the garden, backyard nature or if you're lucky, a quick drive to the coast to lie beachside, on soft sands listening to ocean waves and seagulls.

A couple years ago, while I vacationed and visited my daughter, I decided to keep a diary. I wanted to ledger each day's activities so I could recount the memories when I returned to the mainland. However, what began as a momma's heart wish to be able to reflect later on our time together, increased to journaled shareable information, so I did what I do enjoy--I self-published a book from the journal. You may read about it in Living off-grid: A mother's journey to her daughter & beau's permaculture farm.

I recommend anyone keep a journal, diary, or notebook of personal thoughts about life, questions, felt answers, times of travel or different emotions, positive notations, good recipes, ideas for rooms in the house, personal dreams, plans, and goals.... Design and build your life as you want, and don't be surprised when the more you design, the more ideas arise...and solutions too.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy your lives!

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