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Blossoms and Harmony and Companion Journal

Blossoms and Harmony, is my second Hawaiian memoir, written while visiting my off-grid living, naturalist daughter on the Big Island. My travel journal is surrounded by sections of natural health facets, life strategies, love for the earth connections, and earth-friendly gardening and permaculture details. Blossoms and Harmony Companion Journal is for readers who like to explore and write answers to the posed questions separately from the main book.

Our choices matter. In our daily lives, it is good to find our individual rhythms, to know ourselves, and understand there are natural supportive ways which strengthen qualities we choose. We are the creators of our lives, of our habits, both practical and to follow through with our dreams. Blossoms and Harmony is to help with creating healthy lifestyles and develop dreams into creations.

We have seeds of thought mixed within our daily actions. With harmonic cultivation of our thoughts, words, and actions, we may experience health, happiness, and harmony.

Similarly, in our earth gardens, we literally plant the seeds, seedlings, and more mature plants, of edible flora for fruits, vegetables, nuts; plants for teas for health and enjoyment; herbs to use for spices and for use as adaptogens; foods to nourish, heal us, and give us energy. We also may plant, tend to, and/or have the non-edible flora for earth’s necessity, beauty, and other functions. The earth is our home, and our Mother Earth requires flora for balance within her microbiome, land coverage, diverse ecology, air and atmosphere. Truly, we cannot separate our lives from the natural environment and nature, for we are intertwined in so many ways.

Blossoms and Harmony is a book to read and ponder ways to create balance and harmony in our daily lives, both practical and for our hearts’ callings, and to help the earth, our ultimate home.

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