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Hope After Heartbreak

The darkness of night gives rest to some and restless dreams to others.

Twenty-five-year-old Danielle, ravaged by heartache, strives to get herself back as she listens to her loving voice within, even if the inner voice feels very small at times. As her mind gives supportive clues through symbolic dreams, she wonders if her questions will be answered, and if her pain can really heal.  Her life begins to change for the better after a dream shows her the wolf, who helps her spirit feel hope and strength to live again.

HLAABY   Front cover September 25 2017.p

Hello little apple and baby you!

This children's book tells the journey of how an apple grows—from a honey bee eating nectar and gathering pollen on the apple blossom, to pollination and creation of the apple seed. Next comes more nature to help the apple seed become the apple that is good to eat!

But how did baby come to this earth?

The journey is shared with the child by mom and dad, as they add personal pictures, and a journal entry within the book.

Hello little apple and baby you!  is not only a sweet baby book about how apples and babies come into their families, but also a keepsake to be enjoyed for years to come!

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