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    Life can be challenging and knowing how to meet the moment isn't always easy. In my books, the protagonists meet challenges head on with mindfulness. Although sometimes the characters loose their breath, senses, or wits, they always get up again.


  After life's pains are felt and worked through, it is beneficial to get back into our clearer, heartful, thoughtful selves. Our lives depend on us making decisions to create what we want for ourselves. It is wise to know our heartfelt desires while we also take care of our bodies and minds.

      My fiction books portray life through integrating heart and soul patterns, dream interpretation, positive thinking, and action steps for the characters which are strong yet gentle. 

      In our daily living, we can practice being more intuitive. We can see, hear, feel, or sense Universal signs around us synchronistically.  These signs assist us in overcoming fears, encourage us to trust, and provide hints of possible opportunities to take in life.  Life faithfully reveals we are not alone on this earth.

May you enjoy the insights and experiences of my characters, as well as the voyages and explorations of your own lives.

Wishing you many great adventures, brimming with personal insights, love, joy, and healing!


Sharon Sager, f/k/a Palmerton has written female fiction stories, a nonfiction memoir, and co-authored & co-illustrated a children's book. Penned fiction books as Sharon Palmerton are earlier works: Hope After Heartbreak and Dusty Roads. As Sharon Sager, fiction books are Silver Memories, and The Golden Year. The 

 memoir, Living off-grid: A mother's journey to her daughter & beau's permaculture farm was written with additions from daughter Ashton Coombs. Children's book Hello little apple & baby you! was co-written and co-illustrated with Deborah Hamby.

Sharon currently lives in her home state of Florida with her husband Andy. She is working on her second memoir about Hawaii, permaculture, health, and another fiction book.



 (BOOKS by Sharon)

h         e          h          e          h
BookCoverPreview AUG 29 2017 LIVING OFF-
Living off-grid: A mother's journey)

    A journal of personal observances of off-grid living, various points of permaculture, shared mother-daughter love, and personal experiences exposing inner directions while visiting daughter on the Big Island of Hawaii from Sharon Sager, followed by daughter Ashton's joy and insightful words of permaculture and life. 

   Experiences are more than glimpsed at, they are taken to heart. 

Silver Memories)

  A beautiful part of living is being present with those you love. But what happens if what you thought was love becomes realized as only companionship without depth, and there is a lack of dedication to self?      Do you stay?    Or leave?         And what happens if a relationship of known love is lost?   How may one heal?

     Forty-year-old Celia has choices to make. Her marriage to her teenage sweetheart for over twenty years has come to feel lifeless. She has rolled gently within the years, but now is thinking she wants more. She wonders what she has done in her life, outside her comfortable roles of wife, mother, and teacher.  She is unclear, whether to have her life stay as it has been, or leave and explore new beginnings.

     Life does not give Celia clear pathways…In the midst of her changes, she experiences other events which bring sadness and tragedy to overcome. How she survives and learns to thrive again within different pulls, is in a journey of moments and decisions.

AGY March 2018 BookCover (2)  JPG.jpg
A Golden Year)

​  Forty-nine-year-old Professor Marie Townsend is still figuring out love. She understands the psychology of relationships, but is unknowingly scared to feel love, after falling for the wrong man more than one too many times.  Logic shows her love is in the air with history professor, Joshua Stewart, but her memories and heart pains secretly hold her back. Holding onto the past and fear keeps her in limbo.  To have love, she must trust herself and understand the past.

  Her willingness to explore life eventually breaks the code of restraint and fear. The journey takes all seasons, for the alchemy of pain to become golden.

Dusty Roads cover (2).jpg
(Dusty Roads)

  We think we are creating our lives with choices we make. Yet mixed with who we are at our cores, are colorful past experiences and memories that may distort our ability to choose more wisely.  Why we behave the way we do can come from fear as well as happiness. Knowledge of both experiences lies within.

  Twenty-nine-year-old Jane Moore returns to her family’s rural homestead in Illinois after her job with a Chicago art gallery, is decreased to commissions only. With the extra time on her hands, she begins to question her life.  Jane wants to unravel how she really feels and why her reactions are as they are. Her reflections of memories from the past find flip-flop feelings and are analyzed with more thoughtful insights. She also finds more gumption after she reads her grandmother’s diaries which she discovered in the attic. Jane strives to choose strength, understanding, and perhaps love.


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