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    Sharon lives in Florida with intended mindfulness and joy in each day and year. Life has been good, and it is no wonder—she entered the earth’s stage soon after the Beatles came to America. And by the age of twenty, natural health care drew her into its womb, and mind-body-spirit-philosophy were clearly in her fields of vision to be studied then, and since. From 1988 through 2016, she actively worked as a chiropractor and energy practitioner. Following a move due to her husband’s job, she concentrated on another love, writing. A craft Sharon’s enjoyed more since 2006, even though the calling was felt three decades earlier. She was born with heartbeats to observe and imagine.

Sharon sees life as an open book, and we are the authors. She hints of other explorations too, and likewise believes everyone has multiple journeys to enjoy, and knows we simply need to be still and listen, …and follow our hearts.
















Characters in Sharon Sager’s (f/k/a Palmerton) books walk through their lives’ journeys, and seek to understand and grow.


Silver Memories

A Golden Year

Penned as Sharon Palmerton:

Hope After Heartbreak

Dusty Roads

Non-fiction: Living off-grid: A mother’s journey to her daughter & beau’s permaculture farm; written with daughter, Ashton Coombs.                                       Blossoms and Harmony: A sequel to Living off-grid.                      Blossoms and Harmony Companion Journal.

Children’s book: Hello little apple and baby you! written and illustrated with friend, Deborah Hamby.

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